COVID-19 Closing Procedures – Updated 6/2/2021
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Coronavirus Response

Monday, March 16, 2020

Dear Customers, Realtors and Lenders,

As of today, we are processing and closing your transactions.  While some County offices have restricted non-employee access, as long as the Auditor’s and Recorder’s office remain open, and we have the access necessary to complete record searches necessary to issue title policies, Talon Title Agency will be able to close transactions. Moving forward, here are a few thoughts in the midst of living with the issues of COVID-19:

  • We encourage Sellers to pre-sign to avoid round table closings
  • We encourage Buyers and Sellers to minimize their time at the closing table by pre-signing miscellaneous, non-notarized documents prior to closing. We can email them to Buyers and Sellers and once signed they can be scanned and returned for review

We will be taking every measure possible to comply with all CDC recommendations.  We are following the below guidelines to address our closing activities.

  • All closing rooms will be sanitized to start the day and after every closing and at the end of the day
  • Front desk staff will ask all people who come to our offices for closings to sanitize their hands either at the reception desk or in the closing room
  • All closers should wash/ sanitize their hands before and after each closing
  • Closers should take the pens off the closing desks and provide one pen to anyone who is signing documents. We will allow customers to take those pens with them or throw them away. We will not be reusing pens.
  • If you leave the office, wash /sanitize your hands when you return
  • Avoid physical contact with fellow team members and all who do business with us
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible
  • Sanitize your work area at the beginning and the end of the day

Talon is doing everything possible to minimize the risk of exposing anyone to the virus while continuing to close your transactions. This entire situation is obviously a serious matter. We hope that by working together, and following the CDC guidelines, we will diminish the impact of the virus. Care for each other and we will get through this crisis together.